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Where to find a perfume that lingers on your skin.

I AM LIGHT with notes of Australian native kunzea and precious rose and oud.


Everyone of us has a unique skin type. This is the reason why a perfume that smells beautiful on your friend's skin may not smell the same on your skin.

A perfect perfume for people with skin that easily absorbs the essential oils and those who have dry skin is to wear perfumes that have distinct aromas. This does not necessarily mean woody and resinous notes. Aromas such as lavender, rosemary, citruses, tuberose, and other essential oils with persistent smell.

The best way to test your perfume if it lingers on your skin is to test it on your pulse points where you can smell it such as your inner wrist or elbow.

I Am Light is a natural perfume made with pure essential oil, vegetable glycerine, and pure sugar cane alcohol. Pure unadulterated ingredients can add to the tenacity of the perfume scent. This perfume is made with woody note oud and Australian native kunzea that both have distinct aroma to anchor the neutral unique scent of I AM LIGHT. It is layered with rose to add elegance and gentleness.

This perfumes is suited for both men and women from 24 to 55 years of age.

Our perfumes are 100% natural and our packaging is 99.5% recyclable and biodegradable (plastic free).