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How to spot toxic ingredient and find a non toxic perfume.

Our perfumes are committed to the needs of modern consumers of perfumes and cosmetic products. Consumers looking for a healthier alternative free of toxic ingredients that causes hormone and endocrine imbalances.

After the documentary video STINK, are frequently asked questions about toxic perfumes and how Amacyn Natural Perfumes avoid these ingredients.

You can watch about how "Parfum" ingredient on perfumes, cosmetic, and skincare products are used and components are undisclosed. This has raised concerns to thousands of consumer worldwide. Note that this ingredient is also used on hand sanitisers and other skincare products. STINK is one of our favourite documentary about toxic ingredients on products.

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Stink is one of our favorite documentary that talks about synthetic fragrances and the toxic ingredients in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between organic and natural perfumes?

A: Organic means that all or substantial part of a perfumes ingredient is derived from plants that are planted, harvested and distilled without the use of toxic chemicals. Natural means that all or substantial ingredients of a perfume is derived from a plant and not from any synthetic ingredients made from a chemical laboratory. Amacyn Natural Perfume is 100% natural. It is uncompromised unlike other natural perfumes. Our natural perfumes has at least 96% certified organic ingredients.

Q: Does your perfume contains sulfate, phthalates, paraben, and any other toxic chemicals as an emulsifier, solubiliser, and preservative?

A: No, all our perfumes, body cream, body wash, and hand sanitiser does not contain any of the above and any toxic chemicals. Our perfumes are certified vegan by PETA, which means it is 100% plant derived. Anyone that tells you that having vegan certificate does not mean it is not natural, do not believe them. Try asking them why they cannot get a vegan certification in the first place and that will tell you a lot.

Q: Do you use natural extracts or essential oils when creating the scent? What is the difference between the two products type?

A: No, we do not use natural extract and we only use natural pure steam distilled essential oils to create the scent of your perfumes. Oils that are derived from Natural Extract are plants soaked into liquids (solvents or cold pressed oils) or any aqueous solutions to extract the and infuse the properties, flavours, oils and scents of plants while Essential Oils are steamed distilled. Steam distillation is more complex and labour intensive. It is 100% natural process in extracting the oils from a plant. Please note that fractional distillation is different from steam distillation. Fractional distillation is used to isolate compounds of a plant. It is like splitting cells or the DNA of a plant. We do not support this because it is unnatural. There are Natural Extracts included in the EU Scientific Community that are considered allergens to humans. Natural Extract is considered an allergen to human is potentially because the plants are soaked to aqueous solutions that have toxic ingredients.

Q: How long does Amacyn natural perfumes last on the skin?

A: It varies across our range of perfume. It is between 4 hours to 24 hours. Yes, it is possible to create a perfume that last for 24 hours using pure steam distilled essential oils. This is because steam distillation is the highest form of extracting the properties and scent of a plant. The first 2 to 5 hours of distillation is of the premium grade. This is the type of essential oils we use in your perfume. This is why it will last longer on your skin compared to a synthetic or isolate made perfume. To make a statement that natural perfume does not longer on skin compared to synthetic perfumes is false. If you hear a perfumer saying natural perfumes do not last on the skin. It is either they do not put quality ingredients on your perfumes or they do not really know how to layer notes in a perfume.

Q: Can the type of skin dry, oily, or moist influence the longevity of the perfume on my skin?

A: Yes it can contribute but it is not the main reason. If you have dry skin you are accustomed to using woody profiles. You naturally pick this as a profile that suits your skin and where you get more longevity. More layers of notes and the more intense is the base notes makes a perfume last longer in your skin.

Q: Does weather and season influence the intensity, longevity, and suitability on my skin?

A: Yes it can contribute but it is not the main reason. On summer days where the weather is hot land humid lighter perfumes are best to wear. Winter tends to dry our skin hence a more woody perfume suits most to perfume wearer.

Q: Can my own pheromones influence the smell of a particular perfume profile on my skin?

A: Yes, it can. This is the reason why a particular perfume profile maybe smelling good on your skin and not to another person.