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"Let your perfume be your food for your skin"

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5 star rating amacyn natural perfume

"Great range of fragrances, lovely and simple packaging. I’ve tried other natural perfumes and they’re nothing in comparison."

(Giovanna Monte De Oca - Amacyn Natural Perfume customer review)

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Amacyn Natural Perfume is Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan

The Australian perfume artist behind amacyn natural perfume

As a perfume artist, I do not chase ideas to create scents. I don’t sit on the sand or on a rock at the top of a hill to write ideas. There is no force in the process. The process is free-flowing when I create your perfume. Just like how water flows and forms itself. When I am with nature I PLAY in the ocean and in the mountains, as I am supposed to do. The scent and inspiration chase me.

The scent comes first to me before the words! The word is just a tool to describe the breath and life of the scent. I am no slave to a pen forcing me to create for the purpose of commercialism and to chase a trend. I am a free spirit, a creator, and a trendsetter! My creation is a gift from nature, which is the reason I do not teach to be paid. Just like any other artist, this gift is only shared and passed on to prodigies.

I do not play with words first to find and create a perfume profile nor do I play with my own emotions to create. Your perfume is made with water in a liquid state it carries the vibration of whoever touches it. This precious gold liquid is sacred to me and must be created with a pure heart before I share it with you.

- Ferlyn Genato, Australian Perfume Artist

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