Where to find us at Jack Mundey The Rocks Market.

We are trading at The Rocks Market on wards every weekend. Starting this weekend from 10 am to 5 pm. You will find us either at Jack Mundey or Play Fair Street every weekend. Social distancing structure and practices are implemented in the market. It is pretty much safe. The place is very spacious. It feels very relax shopping. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 you need to stay home and recuperate.

Experience our range of 15 certified vegan and organic perfume and more. Discover our new releases of certified Product of Australia organic perfume for 2021. It is a great season to test perfumes outdoor. Spring season makes a perfect time to smell and discover your natural perfumes.

What is the payment method available for you in store at The Rocks Market

Christmas is only 16 weeks from now and you are now able to purchase our perfumes, candles, and gift sets and pay later. When you are purchasing from us at The Rocks Market you are able to purchase now and pay later using Humm as a payment method. Take the product with you from our stall at The Rocks Market on that day and pay later.

Both Paypal and Humm payment method is available for buyers from Australia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

For Lay Buy, say if you buy $1,000 worth of total purchase. You only pay $200 on the date of purchase. The rest will be paid weekly.

For Humm, say if you buy $1,000 worth of total purchase. You only pay $200 (20% of the total price) on the date of purchase. The rest you can choose to pay weekly or fortnightly from 5 to 10 slices.

You can also use LayBuy and Humm when purchasing online.

You can also pay using your Paypal account, Master Card, and Visa card online ad in store.

To learn more about the different payment methods we accept go to

Is The Rocks Market a COVID Safe open market?

The Rocks Market offers an open space COVID safe shopping experience.

It has met the requirements of the NSW Government for an open market.

We will trade at Jack Mundey this weekend.

What a great way to get out under the sun with friends and family, or even just a relaxing time for yourself. Further to this you get a great view of the ocean and Sydney Opera. There are so many picnic places along Fleet and at the park just below the Harbour Bridge.

The Rocks Market is run by the government and it has implemented structures and processes to mitigate the risk of COVID contagion while you enjoy shopping and getting out in the sun.

The restaurants at The Rocks Jack Mundey, Play Fair, and George Street have tables and chairs outside under the sun.

How to get to The Rocks Market?

You need to get a transport going to Circular Quay and from Circular Quay you need to walk up to The Rocks. If you are facing the ferry wharf. The Rocks will be on your left side.

  1. By the comfort of your private car. This is the best and safest way to travel to The Rocks Market. There are two Wilson Parking Area at The Rocks. One at Harrington Street and one at George Street. These parking spaces can accommodate a total of 200 cars.

  2. By Ferry, the best way to go to The Rocks Market is by ferry because you will enjoy the fresh air from the Ocean. Ferry is more open and breezy. All ferries arrive to Circular Quay from suburbs with a ferry wharf. Go to NSW Transport trip planner to find out the next ferry.

  3. By High Speed Rail, if you live within Sydney CBD. The high speed rail is the best way to go to circular Quay. Go to NSW Transport trip planner to find out the next light rail.

  4. By Metro Rail, if you live further out the CBD but still within the Metro areas like Rouse Hill, Kellyville, Bella Vista, Northwest, Hills Showground Station, Castle Hill, Cherry Brook. The metro rail is the best way to go to Circular Quay. Go to NSW Transport trip planner to find out the next metro rail.

  5. By Bus, if you live in the CBD, Metro, or within 5 to 25km areas. The bus is the best way to go to Circular Quay. Go to NSW Transport trip planner to find out the next metro rail.

  6. By Train, if you are further away between 10km to 25km the train is the best way to go to Circular Quay. Go to NSW Transport trip planner to find out the next train.

  7. By Regional/State Train and Coaches, if you are living from ACT, SA, VIC, Queensland. The best way to go to Circular Quay is by train or coaches. Go to NSW Transport trip planner to find out the next train.

Now that you have all the information you need. See you there!

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Amacyn is a maker and designer of luxury artisan organic and natural perfumes in Sydney Australia. We specialise in contemporary modern perfume using pure natural and organic essential oils as its key ingredients to create the profile. We are about making first to market natural perfumes, designed with Australian native plant extracts. Amacyn organically is the first and only Australian natural perfumer that makes natural perfume smell like branded luxury perfumes. We believe in the synthetic-free world hence our ingredients do not have fragrances, isolates and synthetic chemicals. 

Amacyn natural perfumes is an Australian owned, Product of Australia. We are a licensee of the Product of Australia logo. This means that our operation in Australia on where and how we made our perfumes are independently audited and verified by the Australian Made Campaign Ltd. This also means that all of our perfumes significant ingredients come from Australia; and All, or nearly all of the manufacturing or processing has been carried out in Australia. It is one of the highest certification in Australia.

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Email: hello@amacynperfumes.com

Store Address: Jack Mundey or Play Fair Street, The Rocks Market, The Rocks, Sydney Australia Sat-Sun 10am to 5pm.

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