30ml Organic Perfume + 180g Certified Vegan & Cruelty Free Candle

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The Amacyn Christmas Hamper consists of 180-gram candles and a 30ml natural perfume with 95% organic ingredients. There is a selection of candles made with essential oils in soy wax or candles made with fragrance oil in soy wax or candles made with essential oils in soy wax. The fragrance oil is considered non-carcinoigenic when inhaled it is unlikely to cause discomfort and irritation. The scent from essential oils is 100% non toxic and does not pollute the air we breath at home.


The total weight of the 180-gram vol candle is 476 grams including the weight of the glass jar.


Profiles of the 30ml natural perfumes with 95% organic ingredients:

I Am Ascent - Fresh, spicy, and vibrant.             

I Am Bliss - Oriental, sweet, and uplifting. 

I Am Change - Floral, green, warm. Have native Australian plant.                      

I Am Energy - Exotic, fresh, woody. Have native Australian plant.                                  

I Am Free - Fresh, clean, and uplifting.                       

I Am Gentle - Floral, green, fresh.                                    

I Am Grateful - Light woody. (SOLD OUT) 

I Am Kind - Slightly musky, sweet, floral, and woody. 

I Am Light - Neutral woody floral. Have native Australian Plant. 

I Am Love - Floral and light. 

I Am Music - Citrusy, fresh, and uplifting. 

I Am Passion - Powdery, floral, and woody. 

I Am Rhythm - Floral, fresh, and vibrant. (SOLD OUT)

I Am Strong - Citrusy, fresh, clean, and uplifting. 

I Am Sempre Vivo - Citrusy, fresh, and uplifting. 

I Wealthy - Gourmand, sweet, and delicious.


100% Natural Candles                     

I Am Free - Fresh, clean, and uplifting.                      

I Am Sempre Vivo - Citrusy, fresh, and uplifting. 

I Am Energy - Fresh and clean.

I Am Passion - Floral and woody.

I Am Joyful - The dominant scent is grapefruit infused with lavender. Finished with lotus pink to open the heart chakra. Fruity, fresh, clean. It reminds us of spring and harvest season. (Sold Out)

I Am Peaceful - The dominant scent is Lavender with Mandarin as the top note. Finished with patchouli for grounding. Claming and relaxing. It has a chill out vibes. (Sold Out)

I Am Focus - The dominant scent is Rosemary with a heart note of basil and peppermint. Finished with lemon. This scent wakes you up. It is a good scent to fill the room when studying and remove lethargic vibes. (Sold Out)

I Am Forest - Fresh, uplifting, and clean. It reminds us of our walks in the woods. (Sold Out) 


Fragrance Candles

Guava - Fruity and fresh. Fantastic scent in the kitchen and dining room.

Australian Bush - The scent of Australian wild flowers and bushes.

White Magnolia - It is a beautiful light floral scent creating a spring atmosphere in the living room.

Cardamon - A unique blend of cardamon, african violet, daphnie, and sage flower. Finished with dark amber and cinnamon to give that earthy vibes.


Free gift wrapping for Christmas gifts.


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Amacyn is a maker and designer of luxury artisan organic and natural perfumes in Sydney Australia. We specialise in contemporary modern perfume using pure natural and organic essential oils as its key ingredients to create the profile. We are about making first to market natural perfumes, designed with Australian native plant extracts. Amacyn organically is the first and only Australian natural perfumer that makes natural perfume smell like branded luxury perfumes. We believe in the synthetic-free world hence our ingredients do not have fragrances, isolates and synthetic chemicals. 

Amacyn natural perfumes is an Australian owned, Product of Australia. We are a licensee of the Product of Australia logo. This means that our operation in Australia on where and how we made our perfumes are independently audited and verified by the Australian Made Campaign Ltd. This also means that all of our perfumes significant ingredients come from Australia; and All, or nearly all of the manufacturing or processing has been carried out in Australia. It is one of the highest certification in Australia.

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